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Getting Started On Twitter

Twitter can be accessed not only through a computer, but also through your internet enabled phone. You can send a single message to one or multiple users, follow friends and read messages sent to you without much difficulty. However, if you are pretty new to this social networking service, here is an easy guide to help you get started and moving.

Twitter messages, commonly known as tweets are made up of up to 140 characters; much like an SMS. You can still say much in such few words, cant you? This is an aspect that makes Twitter experience charming. You can send a message to a group of users or a single user, or communicate directly with friends you have followed (and have followed you) with short tweets like “I’ll be attending the summer gig this weekend, you may join.” This lets know what your plans are and if they intend to join you.

In twitter, there is great flexibility when it comes to choosing what to make public and what not to. You can send a message to a certain friend without others seeing the message, and you can as well share some information with a section of friends. Your general profile can also be made private or public. If you don’t wish your twitter ID to be available to anyone, then you can set so.

If you don’t have a twitter account, signing up is quite simple and it’s free. Just go to and fill in the sign up form with your name email and password. It is recommended to use your real name so that friends will easily recognize you. Otherwise you may have no one following you because you have used a funny name that they are not familiar with. It is also important to upload a profile picture so that those friends who don’t remember you by name can recognize your photo.

Once you have your twitter account set, it’s time now to get friends to follow you. You can send then your twitter address, which is normally in the form of For example, if your username is Ryman, then your twitter page address will be You can as well find people you know on twitter. Visit their pages and click “follow”. Building a network of many friends in twitter makes the whole experience more fun and worthwhile.

Getting On Twitter’s Bandwagon

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you must have been wondering what is so charming about it that all your folks are in that wagon. Twitter is a social networking site that enables people to share ideas through short texts popularly known as tweets. Twitter is considered as a micro-blogging service due to the users’ ability to post information in the form of texts, images and videos and share with friends across the globe.

Signing up for a Twitter account

Getting an account in Twitter is pretty simple; all you need is to go to the website, hit the sign up button and give your basic information like username, password and your email. Then you can set your profile with your additional details concerning yourself such as marital status, your locality and a brief description of who you are and what you like. You can as well upload your photo as a profile picture so that your friends will recognize you much easily. Within a few minutes of the set up; which is quite simple, your Twitter account should be up and running.

Getting friends to follow you

In order to have a better tweeting experience in Twitter, you need to get as many people following you. Following a friend means you are able to share information either through tweeting or instant message chatting. Although your general profile may be accessible publicly, only those friends whom you follow each other can share information with you. You can choose what to share in public and what not to. You can as well choose the friends you want to follow and share information with.

Why you should be on Twitter

One of the reasons why you should have a Twitter account is that it becomes quite easy to keep in touch with friends, make new friends and keep updated on what is happening around you. If you are having a business, you can use Twitter to communicate to your clients and let them know the kinds of products you are offering and at white prices.

Many businesses in your locality should also be having Twitter accounts. This means you can get to know what they are selling and at which terms. This can help you in making budget choices and also ensuring you get the best deals without having to ask in person fro each of the businesses. There are endless benefits of being in Twitter, and the most convenient way to know these benefits is by signing up for an account.

Twitter Video from Animated Explanations

Want to know about Twitter in about 3 minutes, not by reading but by listening to simple and attractive animation? Animated Explanations have put up a nice intro video to grasp the basics in the shortest time possible.

What is Twitter? – Animated Explanations

What is Twitter?

If you asked this question, it is an indication that you are a newbie entering the well etablished  world of Social Networking. Twitter is essentially a Social Networks tool and a good one at that with phenomenal growth from the time they were founded in 2006.

The traditional Dictionary will you that the word Twitter means the high pitch sounds originating from birds, usually as a continous series of chirps. Nowadays a reference to Twitter is  synonymous with the Social Network “Twitter”. Thankfully birds are not forgotten as Twitter (which hereinafter will mean the social network Twitter unless otherwise stated) uses birds as their mascot and symbol, not a bad choice for a metaphor. For example it becomes cute when we see the word “tweet” is used by Twitter to show the messages sent and received within the network!

Welcome to What is Twitter!

Welcome to “What is Twitter!”. Twitter Explained in Plain English

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